Ultraswim Granular Chlorine 5Kg

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BioGuard ULTRASWIM GRANULAR CHLORINE 5kg – Keep your swimming pool crystal clear and sanitized with this high-quality chlorine. Buy now at MyPool.co.za!

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BioGuard ULTRASWIM Granular Chlorine 5kg is a powerful and effective solution for maintaining crystal clear and sanitized swimming pool water. Designed specifically for the swimming pool industry, this product is a must-have for pool owners who prioritize cleanliness and safety.

With its fast-dissolving formula, BioGuard ULTRASWIM Granular Chlorine quickly and efficiently eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants, ensuring that your pool water remains safe and hygienic for swimmers of all ages.

Using BioGuard ULTRASWIM Granular Chlorine is incredibly easy. Simply add the recommended dosage to your pool water, and watch as it works its magic. This chlorine product is compatible with all pool types, including vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete.

By regularly using BioGuard ULTRASWIM Granular Chlorine, you can enjoy a clean and inviting swimming pool all season long. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to a sparkling oasis in your own backyard.

For more information about BioGuard Swimming Pool Products and to explore their wide range of high-quality pool maintenance solutions, visit bioguardchem.co.za. Trust BioGuard and MyPool.co.za for all your swimming pool needs.


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