Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg

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Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg

Keep your swimming pool water clean and clear with Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg from These convenient and easy-to-use pills are designed to stabilize the chlorine in your pool, ensuring that it remains effective for longer periods of time. With a slow-dissolving formula, these pills provide consistent and reliable chlorine levels, helping to maintain a healthy and hygienic swimming environment. Trust Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg to keep your pool water balanced and crystal clear all season long.

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Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg

Looking for a reliable and effective way to keep your swimming pool water clean and clear? Look no further than Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg, available at These stabilised chlorine pills are designed to provide a steady release of chlorine, ensuring that your pool water remains sanitized and safe for swimming.

High-Quality Pool Maintenance

At, we understand the importance of proper pool maintenance. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line products like Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg to help you keep your pool in pristine condition. These pills are formulated to effectively kill bacteria and control algae growth, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pool water is clean and safe.

Convenient and Easy to Use

One of the best things about Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg is how easy they are to use. Simply add the recommended dosage of pills to your pool’s skimmer or floating dispenser, and let them do the rest. The slow-release formula means you won’t have to constantly monitor and adjust chlorine levels, giving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective

With a 1.6Kg container, Africhem Stabilised Pills are designed to last, providing you with long-term pool sanitation and saving you money in the long run. By investing in high-quality pool maintenance products like these stabilised chlorine pills, you can avoid costly repairs and treatments down the line.

Order Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg Today

Don’t compromise on the cleanliness and safety of your pool. Trust Africhem Stabilised Pills 1.6Kg to keep your pool water crystal clear and inviting. Order now from and experience the difference that quality pool maintenance products can make.

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