Africhem Algaecide 2L

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Africhem Algaecide 2L

Keep your swimming pool clean and free from algae with the Africhem Algaecide 2L. This powerful algaecide is designed to effectively prevent and control algae growth in your pool. Available at, this 2L bottle is perfect for maintaining a sparkling clean pool all year round. Trust Africhem for all your pool maintenance needs.

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Africhem Algaecide 2L

Keep your swimming pool water crystal clear and free from algae with Africhem Algaecide 2L from This powerful algaecide is specially formulated to effectively prevent and control algae growth in your pool, ensuring a clean and healthy swimming environment for you and your family.

Premium Quality Formula

Formulated with premium quality ingredients, Africhem Algaecide 2L is designed to provide long-lasting protection against all types of algae, including green, black, and mustard algae. Its fast-acting formula works quickly to eliminate existing algae and prevent new growth, keeping your pool water looking pristine all season long.

Easy to Use

With its convenient liquid form, Africhem Algaecide 2L is easy to apply to your pool water. Simply follow the instructions on the label to add the appropriate amount of algaecide to your pool, and let it work its magic. Its non-foaming formula makes it safe for use in all types of pools, including vinyl, fiberglass, and plaster surfaces.

Safe and Effective

Rest assured that Africhem Algaecide 2L is safe for both swimmers and pool equipment when used as directed. Its non-staining formula will not discolor your pool water or surfaces, and it is compatible with other pool chemicals for easy maintenance. Keep your pool algae-free without any worries about harmful side effects.

Get Your Africhem Algaecide 2L Today

Don’t let algae take over your pool – trust Africhem Algaecide 2L from to keep your pool water clean and clear. Order your bottle today and enjoy a hassle-free swimming experience all season long.

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