Zodiac POWER 5



We sell the Zodiac TRi -pH Maxi CHLORINATOR Salt Chlorinator W71002 at the best possible price. If you want to save water, then a Salt Chlorinator is exactly what you need. We sell most brands so please contact us for any queries or advice. TRI SERIES

The Zodiac TRi Series sets itself apart with built-in intelligence – computer controlled technology that monitors the pool’s chemistry and adjusts its own performance and output to match the needs of the pool (applicable to the TRi pH module). The cell integrates improved water flow with a reverse polarity feature for lower maintenance. This unique combination is the next generation in water care management!


An intelligent Salt Chlorinator
Easy to use interface
Expansion pack to add pH control
Easy access for electrode removal
Compact & great looking
Heat resistant
Electronic menu (English & Afrikaans)


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