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Zodiac provides an affordable and effective option for pool owners with its new robotic cleaner. Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting dirt and debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner

Spot clean with the kinetic remote control

  • Take control of the VX55 4WD with the super responsive kinetic remote. This remote is the best in the industry and lets you drive the cleaner to where it is needed, or just have fun!.

Widest selection of cleaning settings and options

  • Cleans the floor, walls and water line. The VX55 4WD eBox comes equipped with a programmable 7 day timer, cleaning intensity settings, filter full indicator and various error indicators. You can even select from various common pool shape settings (eg. kidney) to make cleaning of your pool more efficient.

Does not lose suction power, even when cleaner is full of debris

  • The patented Vortex Vacuum Technology enables the VX55 4WD to capture large debris such as gumnuts, twigs and eucalyptus leaves while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle.

Inbuilt intelligence for optimal cleaning

  • The ActivMotion sensor allows the cleaner to automatically sense its position in the pool and adapt its path for optimized cleaning while reducing cord tangling.

Large and easy to clean filter canister

  • Never touch debris again thanks to the easy access and hygienic design of the filter canister. Clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimum fuss.

Energy Efficient

  • 150 Watts/Hour energy consumption (less than a LCD TV)

3 Year Manufactuing Defects warranty


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