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C170 Electrode - - Online Pool Shop

C170 Electrode



Zodiac C170 Electrode (W193851) stock the C170 Electrode and ships to the whole of South Africa. We offer the best deals on all pool products and parts.

The C170 Electrode comes with a 1 year no questions manufactures warrantee and a 3 year pro-rata warranty. The Clearwater C-Series is the entry level chlorinator, offering cost effective salt water chlorinator. You will save time and money as you do away with the struggle of manually adding chlorine to your swimming pool to kill virus and bacteria and keep algae under control. The C-Series requires 2-weekly cleaning of the electrode.

Replacing your Zodiac C170 electrode will extend the life of your salt chlorinator and is an economical alternative to a complete replacement of your chlorinator. Utilising tried and tested technology; replacement cells/electrodes boast improvements in performance and durability. This is confidently demonstrated by their huge industry leading 3 Year warranty.

If your chlorinator is not outputting chlorine or check salt light is on, check the electrode for cracks, chips, or wear. Electrodes are parts that do experience heavy wear from normal operation of the chlorinator. Replace them when required to maintain its efficiency sanitizing your pool keeping your cleaning routine easy and worry-free.

Parts and new units are readily available in South Africa.

Features of the C-series include:

  • Chlorine meter and output control
  • Easy installation
  • Suits new and existing pools
  • Optional time switch

Contact for any advice and or service in your area. stock a wide variety of swimming pool products, equipment and spares. We are also Authorised dealers for all the Major Swimming Pool Brands in South Africa, like Bioguard, Zodiac, Speck and many more.

With over 15 years swimming pool experience, we are 100% sure we can assist you with any advice or at-least refer you to the correct professional.



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